Friday, June 13, 2013


“Meet Me In the Middle”

12min cap


25 Pullups

30 Front Squats @135/95 (women teams use men’s bars for squats)

5 Rope Climbs per team (each partner must do at least 1 rope climb)

30 HPC @155/115

25 KB swings 1.5/1pd

20 Pistols


Partners start at opposite ends (one @ HSPU, one @ Pistols) and each advance through movements as fast as they can and “meet” in the middle (@ rope climbs). Partners must climb the rope at the same time (ex. If partner 1 gets there first, they must wait until partner 2 gets to the rope). Between the two, they must complete 5 rope climbs broken up any way, but each partner MUST do at least 1. When the 5 rope climbs are done, athletes continue through the workout (passing each other) and finish the movements. If one partner finishes before the other, they may join in and help the other partner finish the movements (ex. Partner 1 finishes HSPU, but partner 2 is still on pistols. Partner 1 can help partner 2 complete their reps, but one partner works at a time).

score is time or reps completed.

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